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    2018 Holiday Gift Guide

    Buying the right gift for that special someone can be challenging. Not only does technology advance every year – but it seems like trends are impossible to keep up with. For that reason we bring you the Warm Wind gift guide – the definitive guide …

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  • ONeill Winter Image

    Fall + Winter Wetsuit Offering

    Every year we are impressed with the progress of wetsuit technology, and this year is no different. Water temps in New England are slowly on the decline, and before we know it we’ll be donning a 4/3, boots, and gloves. And unfortunately for us 4/3 …

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  • Freedom FT1

    Reinventing the Surfboard Leash

    Over the past few decades the surf industry has gone through some unbelievable progression with the gear that we use everyday in and out of the water. Whether it is surfboard technology and construction, insanely flexible board shorts, or traction pads made out of algae …

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  • Slater

    Algae Foam Traction Pads

    These have been out for a little while – so if you have seen it before it may be old news. But if you have not heard, Firewire and Slater Designs in collaboration with Bloom Foam are making traction pads for your surfboards made out …

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  • Rnf Retro

    Sneak Peak – Boards Hitting the Shop This Spring

    2018 is an exciting year for Surfboard aficionados like ourselves! We had the privilege of checking out all of the latest and greatest surfboards at Surf Expo last month, and we’re happy to report our findings. Take a gander at what we will be stocking …

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  • traveling with surfboards

    4 Reasons Why You Should Try a Surfboard Rental before Buying Your First Board

    So the surfing bug bit you, huh? We understand. We’ve been there. We king fnow how it feels to fall in love with surfor the first time. We also know that one of the first things to come in mind is to buy your first …

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    2016/2017 Warm Winds Winter Wetsuit Guide

    As the New Year kicks in to gear there is only two things we can be sure about for 2017… there will be plenty of surf in the coming months and the water temperature is for sure going to plummet. You may be starting to …

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  • Inspiration and Divine Finds at The Surfer’s Journal Issue 25.5

    The Surfer’s Journal Issue 25.5 recently dropped at the shop and it gave us quite an inspiration boost. Steve Hawk, with his “Duke’s Ulcers” feature, is a must-read. Be inspired at how the most famous son of Hawaii went through physical and emotional challenges to …

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  • The Penny Skateboards Spring Classics Collection is Now Available at the Shop!

    Hey, we’re a board shop, and we love our skateboards almost as much as our surfboards. If you love sidewalk surfing as much as surfing, we have you covered. We’re stoked to announce that the Penny Skateboards Spring Classics Collection is now available at the …

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  • Blair Conklin and Odysea Stumps Fans Rejoice!

    If you’re a Blair Conklin fan, you’ve probably seen this video of him showing off his shorebreak wizardry: TOTALLY “BLAIRRELED” ON THE STUMP from Catch Surf on Vimeo. The professional skimboarder has been killing it recently, and one of his weapons of choice, as shown …

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