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  • Shadow Cover

    Sneak Peak – New surfboards coming this Spring!

    Surfboard manufacturers are once again stepping up their game this year… The Warm Winds crew headed south for the annual Surf Expo in Orlando earlier this month, and let me tell you there were no shortage of killer new surfboards to drool over. Amidst all …

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  • Rob With Seaside

    Firewire Seaside

    The new Firewire Seaside is hitting the shop in a couple of weeks! We are beyond stoked for this shape, the newest release from Rob Machado and the guys at Firewire. But what is all the hype about? The Seaside is a take on the …

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  • Monta Cool

    JS Surfboards

    It’s been a couple of years since we’ve brought in new boards from JS. A few weeks back, the guys from JS came by the shop with some new tech that they were excited about and a couple of new models. As one of the …

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  • Ft

    Surftech’s Fusion Dual Core – The Best of Both Worlds!

    Nowadays we are seeing more and more surfboard companies push the envelope with surfboard design, combining science and style to create boards that are not only more eco-friendly and durable, but also still have plenty of performance and versatility. Although many experienced love the feel …

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  • Johnny P

    New models in from Pyzel!

    John Pyzel is widely considered one of the best surfboard shapers in the world, and is currently shaping boards for the number one surfer in the world – John John Florence.  Pyzels is also the back to back winner of the Stab in the Dark …

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  • Featured Img

    Firewire Cymatic and Moonbeam

    A couple of new models from our friends at Firewire surfboards just landed – and we are stoked to tell you about it. First off, if you haven’t gotten your feet on a Firewire we suggest you give it a try. Sure – its a …

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  • Psycho K

    Lost Psycho Killer

    The Psycho Killer from our friends over at Lost Surfboards is one of the most anticipated boards for Spring 2018. We had the opportunity to check these out last year and again at Surf Expo, and we are stoked to get these in the shop. …

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  • Rnf Retro

    Sneak Peak – Boards Hitting the Shop This Spring

    2018 is an exciting year for Surfboard aficionados like ourselves! We had the privilege of checking out all of the latest and greatest surfboards at Surf Expo last month, and we’re happy to report our findings. Take a gander at what we will be stocking …

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  • traveling with surfboards

    4 Reasons Why You Should Try a Surfboard Rental before Buying Your First Board

    So the surfing bug bit you, huh? We understand. We’ve been there. We king fnow how it feels to fall in love with surfor the first time. We also know that one of the first things to come in mind is to buy your first …

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  • Surfboard Ding

    Surfboard Repair: DIY Steps to Fix a Ding

    Being a surfer is not just about conquering swells. You should also know basic surfboard repair, particularly when it comes to fixing a ding. Dings are fairly common especially if you’re a beginner, although experienced surfers, due to normal use and abuse, have to deal …

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