Inspiration and Divine Finds at The Surfer’s Journal Issue 25.5

The Surfer’s Journal Issue 25.5 recently dropped at the shop and it gave us quite an inspiration boost. Steve Hawk, with his “Duke’s Ulcers” feature, is a must-read. Be inspired at how the most famous son of Hawaii went through physical and emotional challenges to become a central icon in the surfing world. You won’t believe some of these challenges. A lesser man wouldn’t have stomached them.

Know more about surfing’s Beat Generation. Reminisce if you’re part of it as you browse through arts and artifacts about the said generation. The Surfer’s Journal photo editor also has some fresh discoveries for you.

Have you been to Tierra del Fuego? No? The forgotten hinterlands of the Tierra del Fuego is quite an adventure and let this issue take you to a 53-day expedition…on foot!

So…must cop? We’d say so. The cover photo of Dave Rastovich foiled for speed in New South Wales is reason enough. Get your own copy at the shop today!