Surfer's Journal

Make Sure to Cop a Copy of the The Surfer’s Journal Issue 25.2!

The Surfer’s Journal had a tough issue to follow because of how good issue 25.1 was. As always, they’re up to the task and they’re bringing us The Surfer’s Journal Issue 25.2.

While the cover photo of issue 25.1 was a jaw-dropping one as it captured Craig Anderson resetting for a secondary roll-in on his 5’4” board in maxing Indo, the cover photo of issue 25.2 captured an entirely different facet of surfing. It totally captured the “eyes on the prize” look of competitive surfers which shows the focus that you need to succeed in this sport. If this cover photo doesn’t make you want to grab your board and go, then we don’t know what will.

This issue is packed with captivating stories – from the stories of an impoverished South African surfer to stories of West Australian power surfer Jay Davies. Oh, and if you’ve always wondered about what the Waterman label is and what it entails, make sure to check page 34.

The Surfer’s Journal Issue 25.2 is dropping in the shop within the next few days. Make sure to cop a copy!