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Surfboard Rentals and more

Warm Winds offers two hour or all day surfboards rentals, stand-up paddle boards and body board rentals. For those colder days, we also rent wetsuits for $20.

We rent both surfboards and stand-up paddle boards for 2 hours at the Warm Winds Surf Trailer, located in the south parking lot of Narragansett Beach, where the beach and the wall meet! There is a variety of sizes of boards to choose from to fit most experience levels. Boards from the trailer can only be rented for 2 hour increments. A two hour surfboard rental costs about $30. Stand–Up Paddle Boards can be rented in 3 hour increments for $50.

All day rentals can be made at the shop. Warm Winds is located at 26 Kingston Road, in Narragansett, right near Narragansett Town Beach. Click HERE for directions. Remember, that rentals can go quickly on nice days, weekends, and days that the swell is running. If you are curious about the swell on that day, just give Warm Winds Surf Report a ring at (401) 789-7020. A surfboard is $40 for the day and a stand-up paddle board is $75. All boards have to be back in the shop a half an hour before the shop closes

*Renters are responsible for any dings, damage or loss of rented equipment. We don’t sweat the small stuff when it comes to damage. Nonetheless, we will go over the condition of the board with you prior to rental and once again upon return. If there is any serious damage, repair costs will be assessed. The cost for less dings costs start at $40 and up depending on damage. Full replacement cost is required for broken boards. Center long board fin replacement is $25. Thruster set replacement is $35.

If you need more information or want to inquire about our surfboard rentals program, you can Contact Us or give a ring at (401) 789-9040.