Wave Watch: September 2018

Florence and the Wave Machine starting to turn on….

Updated: 9/12/18 @ 11am

Surf report for today (Tuesday)

High: 10:09am  (+4.3′) /Low: 4:27pm

Swell: 4.9′ @ 11s ESE

Wave Height: Waist to Chest high around high tide/Occ. bigger sets

Winds: Light ESE most of the day

Lingering SE swell in the water – slow at high tide but should get a bit better as the tide drops out a bit. Stronger SE Florence swell due to fill in this evening with a stronger period.


Surf Outlook (Next Couple Days)

Thursday (9/13)

High: 10:58am /Low: 5:13pm

Stronger SE swell in the water from Hurricane Florence building over the course of the day. Look for surf in the shoulder to overhead range in the morning, building into the 2′ overhead range by nightfall. Winds are going to be blowing NNE, so south facing spots will be the call all day. High tide, once again, will slow things down for a bit but there should still be plenty of waves. Could get really fun!

Friday (9/14)

Low: 5:16am / High: 11:48 / Low: 6:00pm

Friday is the day. Florence swell peaking early should be head high to 2′ over head at standouts with winds out of the NE for most of the day keeping things bumpy here along the East facing coast but clean as a whistle along the south shore. Best conditions in the morning before the tide gets too high around noon. Should be solid!

Further out…

SSE Florence swell eases into the weekend, with plenty of waves on Saturday in the chest high range early with ENE winds. Smaller on Sunday but still should be fun – probably better with long boards/fishes. Continued smaller (but ride-able) waves into next week.

We have quite the run of surf setting up over the next week or so! Pay attention to the tides and winds when timing your sessions – there should be some windows of really good surf ahead. As always come by the shop if you need a new sled – plenty of great new and used boards currently in stock (over 600 in fact!).

Hurricane Florence

Florence is currently a Category 4 hurricane with 130 mph sustained winds and has its sights set on the Carolinas – expect landfall on Friday night. GFS model shows Florence stalling over the outer banks which would be devastating to say the least, while Euro shows Florence continuing west and weakening substantially as it moves towards the midwest. Still some uncertainty at this point but things will start coming together soon.

As far as swell prediction goes – there is going to be a healthy amount of swell being pumped towards RI for the next several days.

See below for spaghetti models for Hurricane Florence:

Below is the current Hurricane Florence forecast Cone (Landfall is looking imminent for the Carolinas)