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Sneak Peak – Boards Hitting the Shop This Spring

2018 is an exciting year for Surfboard aficionados like ourselves! We had the privilege of checking out all of the latest and greatest surfboards at Surf Expo last month, and we’re happy to report our findings. Take a gander at what we will be stocking at the shop this Spring…and if you see something you are into let us know! We are now taking custom orders on all of these models.


Lost Psycho Killer

This is the board we are most psyched about for 2018. “The Psycho Killer is a psychotic spin off from the ever popular Quiver Killer. Featuring all the design aspects that made the Quiver Killer one of the most popular surfboards in the world for the last few years, it’s easy to catch waves and create speed. It loves tubes, and flat faces, and is fully capable of performing full rail carves and nimble maneuvers when asked. This sort of wide ranging function is what makes the “Killer” Series a favorite for surfers from our top team to everyday Janes and Joes.” Available in poly and carbon wrap, in both Pro and Bro dims. Note* Carbon wrap Psycho Killers come stock with Bro dims and channels through the tail. We talk a bit more about this board here.





Lost MR 80’s Twin CW

A blast from the past. This board is a revised version of  the most popular retro model produced by Mark Richards. It is fast, loose, and the feedback on the shape has been incredible for everyone who has ridden one. Pretty good for a board that is over 30 years old! This board is going to be offered in Carbon Wrap, and customs can be placed for poly.




Lost Retro RNF

A groovy new take on the timeless round nose fish series. The tail is wide for that effortless glide and retro vibe. In fact, it is the deepest and widest split tail that Lost has released. Staying with the fishy retro vibe, the RNF Retro features a very flat deck with a defined, steeply angled rail, but tucked under soft into the bottom. The flat deck allows the board to be ridden thinner, which enables more flex. The board is flat up front with the slightest of single concave through the center, and a spiral vee from the fins back. The result is a fast, yet precise and comfortable, familiar ride, without sacrificing glide. The RNF retro is designed to be ridden either as a keel, or a split keel with two small quad trailers.




Firewire x Machado Moonbeam

Another new board from the brilliant mind of Rob Machado – the Moonbeam. The board features a nice wide nose for skatiness in small waves and a raised nose rocker above what you would expect in a small wave design, creating an opportunity to cut sharp angles on the Moonbeam without hanging up the nose. The tail rocker is also a bit increased, creating a responsive feeling under foot. The Moonbeam has Rob’s “Board Eat Board” concave built into its hull – Rob’s common approach to enhancing speed without losing responsiveness. According to Rob “The Moonbeam is mean to go fast and have fun”.




Firewire x Tomo SKX

This board has been in the shop for most of 2017, but we have not gotten the chance to talk much about it. One of our favorite performance shapes out of Firewire, this board will rip in anything from stomach high plus. The SKX is Stuart Kennedy’s all around shortboard of choice. Featuring a compact outline with an even volume distribution and rocker, that leans towards the lower end of the general wave spectrum. Combined with Tomo’s “Quad-Inside-Single-Concave” bottom contours, the SKX has instant “get up and go” and incredible responsiveness that compliments a dynamic wave attack. We have bunch in stock now, so come by and get your hands on one.



SharpEye Modern 2 / Surftech Fusion E2

The Modern 2 was designed to be a cross breed between the famous MR twin of the 80’s and the high performance thrusters of today. Filipe Toldeo wanted a board for training in smally mushy conditions and asked for something different than what he rides on tour. The Modern 2 has incredible speed and drive due to the combination of concave and rail shape. This board will change the way you surf mushy to head high waves. The board is constructed with Surftech’s Fusion E2 which uses biaxial glass and carbon for a durable, fast, and responsive feel.




Pyzel Ghost

The design that JJF rode to his second World Title! The Ghost is a Daily Driver/high performance board that works great for all levels of surfer and could be considered a one-board quiver for any surf trip with decent to good waves on the menu. Originally designed for performance in hollower, more powerful types of waves, the Ghost has proven to be great for reef breaks, dumpy beachies, and also excels in point waves.The Ghost outline has the wide point pushed a bit forward of center, but the nose area is kept down and the tail slightly pulled in to help it fit into a tighter curve. The thickness is also pushed forward, which helps even more with getting you into waves easily, and we kept the tail and rails thinned out to help hold through barrels and turns at speed.The Ghost’s combination of rocker and concave makes for high performance handling through a healthy mix of sensitivity and control.




WRV Vapor

WRV has gone back to the future with this thing. The WRV Vapor pairs a retro outline with a high performance bottom. Take it to the beach and surf all day. Whether its 2 feet or the waves are firing you won’t be let down by the Vapor. It’s volume lies mainly in its width, flatter deck, and fuller rails, but don’t let that scare off the experienced surfer. The pulled in winged swallow tail, deep single to double concave and unique rocker give this board its responsiveness and maneuverability. Ride as a twin or a thruster, either way you’re in for a good time ;).





PLUS a few other honorable mentions… A Firewire Go Fish “glassed” with sheep’s wool in lieu of fiberglass – giving the board more durability and Eco friendliness, some colorful carbon wraps from Lost, and a Slater Designs and Tomo mashup between the Omni and the Sci-Fi, named the Cymatic!


If you have any questions on these boards or would like to submit a special order, give us a shout at the shop or drop us an email (Staff@warmwinds.com)!