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Surfcam Update: the cam has been temperamental over the past few weeks as we have had to replace several of the hardware components. We are also moving toward a newly developed stream (that will improve functionality of the cam). We appreciate your patience while we work out all of the bugs.
Surfcam Update June 6th: Check out the NEW STREAM! Please remember this is a work in progress. If you happen to notice any issues with the stream, please let us know so we can try and fix them. Here are a few things that have changed:

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  • Station 44097 – Block Island, RI (154) August 28, 2014
    August 28, 2014 6:08 am EDT Location: 40.969N 71.127W Significant Wave Height: 5.2 ft Dominant Wave Period: 13 sec Average Period: 9.1 sec Mean Wave Direction: S (173°) Water Temperature: 69.6°F (20.9°C)