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Surfing Lessons

Interested in learning to surf? Warm Winds is just the place for you. With an optimum location right in the Pier at Narragansett Town beach, Warm Winds offers surfing lessons for everyone. You can never be too young or too old to get on a board. With a positive attitude and the ability to swim by yourself, you’ll be out there shredding with the best of them in no time.

All surfing lessons begin at the Warm Winds Surf Trailer at the south parking lot of Narragansett Town Beach, just where the beach meets the wall!

Thank you Warm Winds for what was a wonderful experience for our whole family.The Stevens Family
Group surfing lessons are offered everyday at 11am and 2pm, right at the trailer in the south parking lot. The lesson cost is $50 per person. Group lessons serve up to 8 people and last from an hour to an hour and 15 minutes. The more people in the lesson, the longer the time in the water will be. It is super important to us that each student receives the individualized attention that they need to ensure a crazy fun and successful surfing experience. These group surfing lessons are first come, first serve. It is recommended to arrive at the trailer 20 minutes prior to the lesson time desired lesson time to assure a spot in the lesson. On nice days and weekends the lesson can fill up quickly! We do not take reservations for group surfing lessons. To have a lesson for that day, you must sign up on that day. Most importantly, these lessons are a great experience for everyone and a great way to enjoy your time at Narragansett Town Beach.
We also offer private and closed group surfing lessons. These lessons start at 8:30am and 4:00pm and cost $65 per student. Private and closed group lessons are not opened to the public but include only those who schedule that time slot, so that each student can get the individualized attention that they might need. They can be scheduled prior to the day of the lesson. To schedule, just give the shop a shout by calling or sending an email to staff@warmwinds.com. Lessons slots can fill up quickly during busier times of the year, We recommend calling a week in advance. We also can accommodate your schedule if needed.

Due to inadequate weather or waves, surfing lessons may be cancelled or rescheduled. Lessons will normally continue in rain, but will most likely be cancelled or rescheduled during thunder or lighting. If you are unsure of the status of lessons, just call ahead and we will let you know!
For those of us who love the water and being on it, but would rather use stand-up paddle boards as a medium, Warm Winds offers our customers stand-up paddle board lessons. To schedule a lesson, just give the shop a call or shoot an email to staff@warmwinds.com. Lessons are $75 per student and last about an hour and a half.
Already taken a few surfing lessons and ready to ride on your own? Warm Winds offers all day or two hour rentals of surfboards and stand-up paddle boards. For those colder days, we also rent wetsuits for $10. We also rent out boogie boards and body boards for $10.


We rent both surfboards and stand-up paddle boards for 2 hours at the Warm Winds Surf Trailer, located in the south parking lot of Narragansett Beach, where the beach and the wall meet! There is a variety of sizes of boards to choose from to fit most experience levels. Boards from the trailer can only be rented for 2 hour increments. A two hour rental costs about $30 for a surfboard. Stand –up paddle boards can be rented in 3 hour increments for $50.


All day rentals can be made at the shop. Warm Winds is located at 26 Kingston Road, in Narragansett, right at the Pier at Narragansett Town Beach. We have a variety of sizes of boards to rent, but they can go quickly on nice days, weekends, and days that the swell is running. If you are curious about the swell on that day, just give Warm Winds Surf Report a ring at (401) 789-7020. A surfboard is $40 for the day and a stand-up paddle board is $75. All boards have to be back in the shop a half an hour before the shop closes.

INSTRUCTOR QUALIFICATIONS – Our team of surf instructors has a combined experience of over 50 years. Each of them live to surf and are true ambassadors of the lifestyle. Every instructor is certified in both CPR and First Response. If taken during the summer high season from Memorial Day to Labor Day, there will also be active lifeguards on duty at the Town Beach.

WHAT DOES A LESSON INVOLVE? – The lessons last about an hour and 15 minutes. The surfboard is included in the lesson. We will fit you with one that matches you ability. The lesson starts on the beach by going through a couple of beach start exercises. The lesson then moves to water for the next hour to ensure the best surfing experience possible.

SCHEDULING A LESSON – Lessons start running from early May through late September. Private and closed group lessons are offered at 8:30am and 4:00pm. Group lessons are offered at 11:00am and 2:00pm. Lesson spots can fill up! So on nice days, weekends, or days that the surf is really pumping, you might want to sign up earlier.

GROUP VS. PRIVATE – We offer two different types of lessons, group lessons and private lessons. A group lesson is a public lesson, open to anyone who wants to sign up. They are on a first come, first serve basis. These lessons cannot be scheduled ahead of time. Signups for a group lesson is the day of the lesson. Remember, this is a public lesson so that you may be in a lesson with other people than those that are in your party. A private lesson is not open to the public, but just those that are in your party. These lessons can be scheduled prior to the date of the desired lesson. Both lessons last around the same amount of time. Group lessons may last longer to accommodate more people. Both lessons meet at the trailer in the south parking lot at Narragansett Town Beach, where the beach meets the wall.

AGES – There are no age restrictions for lessons. We welcome all ages. However being able to swim is a plus. The student must be confident swimming by themselves. If the student is not that confident in the water, a private lesson is probably a better choice. In a private lesson, the student will get more of the individualized attention they may need.

HOW MANY LESSONS DO I NEED? – After just one lesson, you will definitely have the knowledge and skills to get back in the water on your own. A lot of our customers come back for another lesson. It is not uncommon to have multiple lessons for more advanced instruction. It all depends on how confident you feel after the first one.

RAIN – Rain is normally no problem! You’re going to get wet anyway. If it is thundering and lightening, lessons may be cancelled or rescheduled. If you have any questions about the status of a lesson, just call ahead!

CRAZY WAVES or FLAT SURF – If we deem the waves at Narragansett Town Beach to be too crazy for lessons, the lessons will be cancelled or rescheduled. IF the surf is super flat, we can either give it a shot and have some fun or reschedule for another date. If you have any questions about the surf for that day, just give the shop surf line a call at (401) 789-7020. If any questions about whether lessons are going out or not, just give the shop a call!

SHARKS! – Don’t worry, chances are that you’re not going to see any sharks, but if you’re attacked we will fully refund your lesson and give you a complimentary Warm Winds T-shirt ;).

PRICE OF LESSONS – A group surf lesson costs $50 per person. A private surf lesson is $65 per person. A stand-up paddle board lesson is $75 per person.

LESSONS FOR A LARGE GROUP – We always welcome lessons for large groups! Whether it is a birthday party, or a field trip, even family reunions! Call ahead to make special arrangements.

RENTALS – No longer need lessons? We rent out surfboards! All day rentals of surfboards and stand-ups can be made from the shop! Two-hour rentals for surfboards can be made from the trailer at Narragansett town beach. Three-hour stand-ups rentals can also be made here.

What an awesome guy Nick is and what a great job he did with my son Michael on Saturday. I think he has developed a serious bug for surfing and we came into the shop after his lesson and picked up the used 8'6" you had. Afterwards, he wanted to head right out into the surf even though it was raining...Nick was a great guy and Michael loved the lesson so he is going to practice and then at some point get another lesson set up. I just wanted to say thanks to you and Nick.Gregory C.
Hey Warm Winds, I just wanted to thank you again. Our group had a great time surfing! Please extend our thanks to our instructor, too. He did a great job instructing and made the experience a lot of fun as well. A bunch of us are hooked now, so I'm sure we'll be out there again soon to surf and pick up some gear at Warm Winds!Joseph A.
I just had my first surf lesson...I just wanted to take a moment to express my gratitude and thanks for his patience, awesome attitude and overall professionalism. The Warm Winds Staff was just as great! Many thanks and I look forward to visiting you guys again. Hasta luego!Jose R.