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    Firewire Cymatic and Moonbeam

    A couple of new models from our friends at Firewire surfboards just landed – and we are stoked to tell you about it. First off, if you haven’t gotten your feet on a Firewire we suggest you give it a try. Sure – its a …

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    Sneak Peak – Boards Hitting the Shop This Spring

    2018 is an exciting year for Surfboard aficionados like ourselves! We had the privilege of checking out all of the latest and greatest surfboards at Surf Expo last month, and we’re happy to report our findings. Take a gander at what we will be stocking …

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    @warmwinds surfshop

    New box of @firewiresurfboards just hit the shop! The new Techno grain 5’7 baked potato on the left, 5’4 potato-Nator and the 5’11 unibrow to the right. Time to go nuts!!! #firewiresurfboards #newboards

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