Wave Watch: February 26, 2018 thru early March

Overall February was a slow month for waves…but thankfully March is coming to the rescue, just in time for the last month of the Wave of the Winter: New England contest. Here’s what we have in store for the upcoming week, weekend, and further…

Monday, February 26: Minor SE wind swell leftovers this morning, topping out at stomach high this morning and decreasing over the course of the day. Could be some loggin waves as tide starts to fill in this afternoon (high tide around 4:30p). Winds are out of the west for the day – keeping things clean here in Narragansett.

Tuesday, February 27 + Wednesday, February 28: High pressure approaches east coast Tuesday into Wednesday resulting in minimal surf for the area.  Winds look predominately WSW for both days, and temperatures are going to be mild(ish) with temps in the low 50’s and the sun shining. Best bet would be to keep the boards dry and rest up for an active weekend of surf!

Thursday, March 1: This is where things start to get interesting. Low pressure system tracks from the mid west towards the northeast early on Thursday morning and deepens/strengthens as it moves east. Not much surf happening, however, as wave generating winds just start to develop off the coast Thursday night as the system moves offshore.

UPDATED on FEB 28th @ 11am

Friday, March 2: Friday morning is when we are going to start to see the ESE energy filter in –  with surf starting off in the morning around the chest to shoulder high range and increasing over the day into the Head to Head 1/2 range by night fall, possibly bigger at standouts. Swell period will begin to increase over the course of the day as well to about 10 second intervals.  As of right now winds look to be NNE at around 20 knots or so, so conditions may be tricky along the east facing coast, but may be able to get some fun ones at south facing spots, or more tucked away areas of Narragansett.

Saturday, March 3: We are going to see some size on Saturday! South east swell continues to build through the day – topping out in the afternoon. The low pressure system that moved offshore on Friday slowly continues to track east while it continues to pump surf towards our swell window.

GFS model showing a SOLID low pressure offshore on Saturday PM

Waves look to be out the ESE at a 11-13s period, so points and reef breaks around RI should be feeling that energy! Unlike previously forecasted – the wind now appears to be an issue for most, blowing at around 25 knots out of the NNE and gusting to 50 knots! This will make things a bit dicey if you choose to paddle out – best bet being southern facing spots that can handle the size.  High tide is at 8:43 am which will likely slow things down for the morning sessions, with low tide picking up at 2:20pm. The winds look to be fairly consistent over all day – so Sunday looks like the best day.

Sunday, March 4: Things are looking much more favorable for  Sunday. The swell comes down a little in size, winds lighten up a bit, and the low pressure continues to slowly move east – increasing the fetch area of the directed winds towards our swell window and therefore producing a stronger swell period (13-14s). Surf is looking to be in the Overhead to 2′ Overhead range with occasional bigger sets rolling thru. Wind gusts will still be strong but more manageable, coming out of the NNE. (We’ll be looking out for some Wave of the Winter NE Submissions!)

Expect the swell to continue into Monday and Tuesday, looking solid both days with lighter winds and much more manageable conditions. The swell continues to produce waves in the head to overhead range. If you have some sick time/vacation time saved up, this would be the time to cash in!!

Models also hint at another frontal boundary that has potential to impact the surf in RI towards the latter half of next week. This is pretty up in the air as we are so far out and the models differ on the strength and course of the system. It’s also worth noting that March tends to be a more active month for storms, so look for increased storm activity over the Atlantic and hopeful above average surf heights through mid March. Keep posted on this swell and all others by giving us a call on our surf report line: (401) 789-7020  updated daily.


This swell has huge potential for the Wave of the Winter: New England Contest! If you are unfamiliar with the prizes or how the contest runs, click the flyer below. As of right now we have some unreal photos that were sumbitted and only a handful of good videos – so prizes are still anyone’s game at this point! Remember, contest ends at the end of March so get your submissions in before the deadline to have them count towards the competition. No limit to # of submissions you can make, send them to!