Rhode Islands Surf Report

RI Surf Report + Outlook

Today’s Overview

Saturday, January 19

Wave Height: 0-1′

Wind Speed + Direction: ENE at 8 knots

Compared to Yesterday: Just as small

Tides: High: 5:42 am // Low: 12:02 pm


Minor SE swell continues, topping out around shin to knee high. Winds are out of the east/northeast around 5-8 knots. Not much to surf out there.

We saw a ton of killer new boards from Lost, Pyzel, Firewire, WRV, Surftech, AJW, Sharpeye, among others that we can not wait to tell you about. Stay tuned for a sneak peak blog about new boards coming out this Spring!


SUNDAY / Starting slow but building to Chest high + with NNE winds by late afternoon . High tide @ 6:33 am / Low around 1pm.

MONDAY /  Chest high leftovers with occ. bigger sets. High @ 7:23 am / Low @ 1:45 pm

TUESDAY / Ankle to knee high, potentially a notch better at southern exposures. High @ 8:14 am / Low @ 2:33 pm

Forecast Breakdown

Winter storm Harper cruises up towards our neck of the woods, bring along with it dumping snow for some and a lot of rain on Saturday night into Sunday afternoon.

As the storm approaches the coast a solid southerly wind flow will develop off the coast on Sunday morning and shoot some surf our way.

The surf will start to pickup in the morning on Sunday and increase throughout the day.

Expect to see surf in the head high + range later in the afternoon with difficult winds to start the day. It’s looking likely that the ESE wind in the morning will go a bit more North with the passing front into the afternoon and hopefully will clean things up by late afternoon for south facing breaks. Wind will be gusting around 30 knots.

Could be really fun if the winds cooperate, and tide will be incoming in the afternoon so has potential to get fun!

Below: Swell chart showing peak of the swell event – Sunday evening


Swell continues into Monday morning with surf likely in the chest to head high range, with occasional bigger sets possible at standouts. High tide in the morning isn’t going to help and the swell is going to drop out over the day. Either way there should be plenty of surf left over to get your fix.

The kicker for Monday > temperatures are going to plummet overnight Sunday into Monday morning. We’re looking at 8 degrees F in the morning with a wind chill of -8 degrees! YIKES

If your planning on getting on it Monday morning – make sure you bring your warmest suit, boots, and gloves.

If you need some new gear we are loaded up with some toasty new gear from O’Neill, Rip Curl, and Xcel. Come by and gear up!!

South swell drops into Tuesday as a WSW wind swell fills in. Unfortunately the system will have too much west in it for most of RI, so don’t expect much. Best bet would be to look around at south facing spots – but waves will be on the small side.

Further Out

Looks like we are in for another swell event towards the end of next week.

Models have been jumping around a bit on this system, but this is what we’re seeing at the moment:

Another frontal system moves into the area on Wednesday afternoon into Thursday as a big high pressure moves offshore, setting up strong southerly wind off the coast.

Behind it another low pressure system moves up the coast to fill in behind it – again creating southerly wind that should produce surf.

Specifics are tough to nail down right now – especailly with the variablity of the models. But safe to say there will be a few windows of good surf.


Current Satellite loop



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