Back to our Roots

Warm Winds Surfboards are back!

Warm Winds started as a back yard surfboard brand back in 1973. Shop owner Tom Hogan began shaping surfboards in the 60's - learning the ropes from well known shaper Jim Phillips who had a factory here in RI for a bit. Tom continued shaping boards for himself, his wife, Sue, and his friends, but It wasn't until 1973 that Tom created the Warm Winds surfboard brand.

What started as a hobby became much more as people were stoked on the boards that Tom was producing.

Tom shaped thru the late 80's and 90's, and eventually was forced to focus on filling our boardroom with surfboards from all over the country as demand for more options grew. Warm Winds boards took a back seat in the 2000's - there just was not enough time in the day to keep the ball rolling. We are stoked to announce that Tom has been able to shift focus back to what he loves to do the most - building high quality surfboards that work in a wide variety of conditions.

For this first batch of boards we are releasing some of Tom's favorite retro shapes. Digging back thru the archives for these! All three of these new models are taken from Tom's shapes from the 70's and 80's - measured off of boards that customers have brought back over the years, and refined to meet today's modern surfboard design.

This is the first batch of many, so we hope that you're as stoked as we are!

70's Twin Fin


Twin fin speed with more hold and control.

Take a trip back thru time with this new/old model from the archive. This shape is an exact replica of one of Tom's most popular boards from the 70's. You may have seen it up in the rafters when you walk through the doors at the shop.

Designed to handle fast sections, the 70's twin is a cruisy shortboard that feels great underfoot in a wide variety of waves. The nose is slightly pulled in with a bit of a beak, giving you some extra foam up front without going too wide. This helps the board paddle into waves with ease, but still has some entry rocker to handle steeper drops. Moderate width through the center of the board is brought in at the tail with a set of wings that help the board pivot, and take volume out of the tail for more control and easier turning. A rounded tail gives the board a bit more hold for when the waves start pushing as well as some extra control - which twins are typically known for lacking.

The bottom of the board features a quad concave starting forward of the fins all the way through the tail. These bottom contours help the board "grip" the water, and can help hold through a turn on the face of the wave. It also gives the board a bit of lift, which helps with maneuverability and keeps the board feeling lively.

The twin fin setup gives the board a tremendous amount of speed and drive, without the drag of the center fin. They compliment the winged round tail nicely, loosening up and otherwise tight board.

The board is a truly unique shape with a totally retro feel to it. If your looking to go back in time and draw new lines on the wave - try cruising on the 70's twin!

Cool side note: Sue Hogan won the 1977 East Coast Surfing championships on this model!!

Wave height: 2-6ft +

Recommended Fins: Futures AMT or T1

Currently available in:

5'8 x 20.5 x 2.5

5'10 x 20.5 x 2.56

6'0 x 20.5 x 2.75

6'2 x 20.75 x 2.75


The Puffer Fish


A small wave machine.

A bit of the fish nostalgia with a modern twist. The Puffer Fish has the classic Steve Lis inspired fish outline with a bit of added performance under the hood.

The Puffer fish features a wide nose, flat(ish) rocker, and a wide point forward that help it paddle and catch waves with ease. It has an overall wide and stubby outline allowing you to ride it nice and short - keeping it quick and maneuverable in weak surf. This board is built for speed with a wide tail that offers effortless glide and a retro vibe, paired with the speed and drive of a quad fin setup.

The rails on the board are fairly thinned out, helping the board maintain sensitivity and bite through turns. Single to double concave on the bottom keeps the board moving rail to rail easily and channels water through the fins. If you've been thinking about hopping on a fish, but are concerned with the maneuverability of a typical retro fish - hop on the this board and you won't look back!

Ride the Puffer Fish up to 6" shorter than your standard shortboard.

Wave height: 1-5ft

Recommended Fins: Futures Machado Quad

Currently available in:

5'4 x 21 x 2.38

5'6 x 22 x 2.5

5'8 x 22 x 2.5

5'10 x 22 x 2.63


The Soul Mid


The Swiss Army Knife of alternative shapes.

The Soul is the ultimate mid-length surfboard - offering effortless glide and trim.

This single fin mid-length has the maneuverability of a shortboard with the trim, glide and paddle power of a longboard. Some call it the swiss army knife of alternative shapes. Whether you’re a shortboarder looking for a small wave weapon, or a longboarder looking to go shorter - the Soul Mid can find it's spot in anyone's quiver.

The Soul Mid has a low entry rocker with a slightly forward widepoint which helps glide into waves early with plenty of stability. The rounded tail gives the board some added curve and hold that helps with smooth, drawn out turns.

We thought the Soul mid should only be ridden as a single fin, so we left the side bite option out. We did this for a few reasons. As a single fin, the board can hold a higher line in steep fast waves. It will feel nice and stable on fast waves or sections, without that wobbly feel. You can use more rail in a turn when you ride a single fin - and with this model there's no shortage of rail line! Not to mention it translates to a much smoother overall ride.

The Soul Mid requires you to surf the wave. When surfing modern shortboards you're almost always riding the board more so than the wave. On this type of mid-length it's important to let the board do its' thing, while not trying to over surf it. Trust us!

The Soul Mid can go anywhere on the wave that you want to take it.

Wave height: 1-5ft

Recommended Fins: Greenough 4A

Currently available in:

7'6 x 22.5 x 3.13

7'8 x 23 x 3.13


We've got more of these currently in the works for a mid summer delivery - and will be accepting custom orders. Give us a shout if you want to chat with a board room expert about designing your custom Warm Winds board!


Tom shaping the 70's twin...back in the 70's!

Core surf since 1973