Father's Day 2019 Gift Ideas

Forget the new tie and pair of socks this fathers day. Get dad something RAD this year!

If your dad likes to get outside and enjoy the ocean, you should reward him this Father's Day with the type of gift that will let him do that. Whether your dad likes to surf, stand up paddle board, or just lounge on the beach or boat - we've got you covered with some killer gift ideas!



Olukai Sandals

Nothing beats a comfortable pair of flip flops, and Olukai offers the ultimate summer footwear for dad. Olukai's are hand made and focus on durability and comfort. All of the footwear is made with the most premium materials - and you can feel the difference.



A good pair of sunglasses can go a long way - especially if dad spends a lot of time on the beach or the boat. Treat him to a sick new pair of polarized sunglasses from Smith, Oakley, Electric, Von Zipper, Maui Jim, or Ray Ban.


Surf Ears

If he's an avid surfer and is out there through the fall and winter - than you should for sure consider getting dad a pair of ear plugs. "Surfer's ear" is no joke and is caused by cold water and wind... which we see a lot of in New England. These Surf Ears are designed to keep the water out but also let the sound in, so dad can stay connected to the environment when he's out in the water


UV Tee's

A good UV tee is great when spending the day in the sun. These are great for keeping the sun off your back when out there fishing, stand up paddle boarding, or surfing without having to continue to suncreen up every hour or so. Plenty of options to choose from in the shop!


Sector 9 Skateboard

Dad's like to skate too! We have a full selection of Sector 9 longboards that dad can rip on. We've got all the bases covered whether he like to go to the skatepark, skate in the driveway, or just cruise down to the beach!


3/2 Wetsuit

Although summer temperatures are here, the water is still on the chilly side. If dad spends a lot of time in the water, then he needs a good wetsuit. Hook him up with a fresh 3/2! We have all the bases covered at the shop, from lower end to premium, and our boardroom experts can help you pick out the perfect suit.


Longboard Surfboard

Sick of looking at dad's old, yellow surfboard in the garage. Looking to really get dad stoked for father's day? Set him up with a new longboard this summer - the ultimate small wave machine for New England. We have a great selection of hand-shaped boards from some of the best surfboards shapers in the world. Our team can help you pick the right board for your budget or for dad's style.


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