Firewire El Tomo Fish

Inspired by high level fighter jet engineering… seriously! This board will take you into the stratosphere.

We are stoked to have the El Tomo Fish from Daniel “Tomo” Thompson and Firewire Surfboards in the boardroom – a progressive take on the classic fish outline. 

This board is going to be insane for most days in New England!  



Classic Fish meets Fighter Jet

At first glance, the thing you notice first about the board is the tail. It’s got that wide, fishy, split tail look that we all have grown to love over the years - but it’s much more angular and refined. 

This unique tail that Tomo shaped into the El Tomo Fish was inspired by Bob Simmons – an aeronautics engineer who incorporated the design process of aircrafts into his surfboards back in the 50’s. 

This inspired Tomo to look at modern day military aircraft design and see what he could learn about the these high-speed aircrafts. What he found was that the fighter jet tail profiles included these angular, diamond wings that allow them to turn and make radical maneuvers at such high speeds, with limited drag or turbulence. 

This led Tomo to work on incorporating this principle into his surfboards – which are moving thru different medium (water) at much slower speeds.  

Tomo took this concept and built it into the El Tomo Fish, removing the traditional double pin tail that is common on a fish, and incorporating a jet fighter inspired double diamond tail. 

This greatly reduced the drag that is typical of the classic fish tail, which gets the board moving much faster but still allows it to grip the water and hold thru the turn. It’s also plenty wide, giving you plenty of stability and speed in small, gutless surf. 

Odoo CMS - a big picture

The nose of the El Tomo Fish is a bit more pulled in than a typical fish, giving the board a performance look and feel. However, there is still enough width to make paddling easy and get you into waves earlier than a traditional shortboard. 

You will also notice how straight or parallel the outline of the board looks – especially through the back half. This enhances your down the line speed especially in weaker waves. An overall mellow rocker also helps with paddling and user friendliness. 


What's Happening on the Bottom?

Tomo incorporated his infamous Quad Inside Double Concave into the bottom of the El Tomo Fish. It’s hard to picture, so we tried to illustrate for you below. Basically, it’s a double concave through the middle of the board (outlined in yellow) that is sitting inside of a single concave (blue). 

The single concave along the bottom creates lift along the rails of the board, “detaching” the middle portion of the board (where the double concave sits). This removes any surface tension from the center of the board, eliminating drag and allowing it to go faster through the water. 

Traditional channel bottom surfboards feel “sticky” as they hold their track. The QISC enhances speed but promotes detachment from the water until the board is on rail. Once on rail the concave grips the wave like a traditional channel bottom would, providing hold and drive through the turn. 

Odoo CMS - a big picture

The El Tomo Fish comes stock as a quad set up. This makes the board more versatile for surfer’s who want to try it as a quad or a twinny.


Tomo recommends riding it as a quad to get the most performance out of the bottom contours, giving you complete control over the tail of the board. 

Want to loosen it up a bit for a true fishy feel? Try it as a twin with a more upright template, like the FCS MR Twin set or the Futures T1. 

We recommend the Futures Tomo Quad – specifically designed by Daniel Thompson FOR the El Tomo Fish! These puppies generate speed easily due to their large surface area, while the narrower base allows the fin to pivot with a tight turning radius. You can expect the fins to feel loose and springy without sacrificing drive thanks for the more forward placement. 

When you pair these fins with the El Tomo Fish, the synergy is undeniable!

Odoo CMS - a big picture


Small to Medium Wave Weapon

Firewire rates the El Tomo Fish as a true bottom feeder, working best in all types of waves from 1 to 5 feet. 

We think that in New England this board could work in waves slightly bigger, depending on where you will be surfing it. In Rhode Island’s lined up point breaks, this board will rip in anything from knee high to overhead +. In punchier, more powerful surf it will most likely top out around head high or so. 

But realistically in New England 90% of the waves we get during the year are sub head high, so we think the El Tomo Fish could be your daily driver! 



In a nutshell, the El Tomo Fish is a board with incredible speed and drive, with the control and maneuverability of a performance fish. A great everyday driver for your typical New England surf. 

If you are looking for a performance fish that will keep you STOKED when the waves are weak and gutless, then we highly recommend you give the El Tomo Fish a go!   

Odoo CMS - a big picture



Odoo image and text block
Odoo image and text block


“The El Tomo fish is a redux of the classic Tomo Fighter Jet Fish. This time with a dedicated quad-fin set up, for maximum versatility. 

It is designed to excel in the smaller end of the wave range, when conditions lack power and require some extra inspiration. 

It features a classic, performance fish outline spliced with the trademark Tomo multi-concave hull design which results in smooth, speedy transitions. High-performance moments are on tap due to the freely releasing, bump wing to double-diamond tail profile. 

With a generous volume range and low rocker similar to the Evo, the El Tomo is fast and stable, suitable to most ability levels without comprising the performance characteristics that we expect from a Tomo design."

Odoo CMS - a big picture