...Lost Evil Twin

The Evil Twin is a funky new ride from the crew at Jost Surfboards that looks like a ton of fun.


The Evil Twin has an overall flat template as you can see with a minimal entry rocker and very little tail rocker. The board is especially flat thru the middle to give you extra glide and to carry speed through slow sections of the wave. This, paired with the added width through the nose and midsection, increase the paddling and stability of the board - allowing it to excel in less than stellar surf.

The Evil Twin has a fair bit of thickness through the deck, but the rails are pulled down. This takes some of the volume out of the rails - keeping the board responsive, lively and fun to surf.

The straight rails of the the Evil Twin give the board some additional speed, glide, and drive down the line. The problem with straight outlines is that normally it stiffens the board up and makes it hard to maneuver. To offset the straight outline, Biolis added some wings to the back half of the board - which he calls the elevated wing, or "E-Wing". What that does is give you the added width and surface area through the back half of the board which helps you carry speed, but then drops drastically in width after the wing towards the tale. This gives the board increased hold and response when driving through a turn.

What separates the E-wing from a typical wing is that it is not a continuation of the bottom of the board. This allows the board to keep that extra width that the wing provides, while decreasing volume as the wing is "carved out" along the bottom and therefore increasing the maneuverability through the tail.

The back half of the board is complete with a round tail which adds a ton of versality to the shape. This is a grovely type board that goes well in weak and gutless surf, but can also work in cleaner and more lined up waves with more power.


Typically when you take a groveler into more powerful waves - you end up having a hard time with turns and the board can seem a bit sluggish, requiring more power to muscle it through turns. By adding the E-wing and the sharpened up rail, Biolis has given the Evil Twin a bit of performance thru the back half of the board, which, paired with the downed rail, will give you the ability to surf in the pocket and make fast sections when the waves pick up.


We have yet to touch on the most interesting part of the board. Matt Biolois added some retro flare to the Evil Twin with a unique fin setup. It's got two futures finboxes along the sides of the tail, with a longboard fin box in the center. This gives you the option to ride the board as a twin, twin +1 (with the included Jost x futures 3.63" center fin), or a single fin (with the included Jost x futures 6.25").

If u are eyeing this board thinking that you want to give it a go as a single fin - it might be worth sizing up a bit (maybe an inch or two) to add a bit of volume. To achieve that flowy, single fin feel you will likely want a bit more volume that you typically ride in your thruster or performance board.

To ride this board as a twin, you will want to use a more upright, MR style twin. This board is only built with futures fin boxes, so you won't be able to use the FCS II MR's - but the Futures T1 or AMT twin set would work perfect.


With all of the possibilities of fin setups - the Evil Twin is an truly an interesting board to surf. If it's small and clean and you want some a smooth glide, stick the single in there and cruise. If you want speed and rail to rail turning for more lined up open face waves, toss in the twins and get loose. If you want more performance and pocket surfing, set this bad boy up with a more upright twin +1 , or just use your favorite thruster side fins paired with the stabilizer.

A great hybrid board that will cover you from around thigh high to a few feet overhead. Step outside of the box with the Evil Twin!


Need some inspiration on the Evil Twin? Watch the Jost team rider, Mason Ho, ride the Evil Twin in Hawaii. He starts off riding it with Mark Richards Twin setup, and then rides as a single with two of the MR trailer side fins.

Jost's Description of the Evil Twin:

"The EVIL TWIN. In addition to its convertible, multi-fin, adjustability, the most unique feature is its elevated “e-wing”. I was turned on to (and taught to shape) elevated wings by Max McDonald. Max developed them in conjunction with the Campbell Brother’s Bonzer designs. Over the last decade we have used e-wings exclusively in our Japan specific line of small wave boards, with great success,

literally making thousands of them, across various models. Now, for the first time, we are introducing e-wings globally. The elevated wing works with parallel outlines, allowing increased lateral speed, then drastically reducing surface area in the tail, to control and carry the speed into tight radius arcs. They create hyper extended rail rocker, which rolls into the wave face easily, engages and holds in turns. Positioned near the rear foot, e-wings add forgiveness, control, and ease of roll, to relatively wide, high volume, flat rocker boards.

The EVIL TWIN Features:

  • MR inspired Flat deck, and steep, tucked soft, rails, combined with a shallow single concave through the center.
  • Low tail rocker, with deep double concave vee, which works with the rounded pin tail, to balance speed with control.
  • Wide forward outline, with low entry rocker, that glides effortlessly.
  • Built exclusively with Futures fins and boxes, the EVIL TWIN offers a myriad of performance options, each offering a unique approach to recreational wave riding:
  • Single Fin, solo: For minimalist point and glide, soulful arcs and long carves. Lovely in lined up point breaks.
  • Single with forward “Side-Bites”: Adding a bit of pump and slam to the single fin jam. The side bites engage with the e-wing to raise permormance level. Especially in larger surf.
  • Twin Fins: Loose, quick and eternally playful in small surf. Free flying fun without the slidey surprises of wider tail twinnies.
  • Twin + Trailer: Locked and loaded twin fin with overdrive. Confidently carve and surf with power in all sizes of waves. My favorite set up for this board.
  • Thruster: For all you “Pro-Formance” peeps. Futures offer a rear thruster fin for the long box, which turns the EVIL TWIN into a Terrorizing Thruster.

We have worked with Futures to develop both a 6.5” performance “Sinister-Single” Fin and a 3.5” Rear-Trailer Fin, specifically for the EVIL TWIN. Use them in conjunction with any one of Futures’ readily available Twin Fin and Side-Bite options, to create the ultimate transformational fun machine kit… and expand your horizons beyond your wildest dreams."

Reach out to our boardroom crew tih any questions on this model. We have a full size run in store NOW!