New JS Surfboards

It's been a couple of years since we've brought in new boards from JS.

A few weeks back, the guys from JS came by the shop with some new tech that they were excited about and a couple of new models. As one of the biggest surfboard selections in the US, we strive to have the best selection and put the best surfboards under our customers feet - and these boards had us frothing!

After going over the ins and out of the new technology - we knew we had to pull the trigger.

The two models that we brought in are not only great shapes for surfing in New England, but the technology behind the boards is nuts.

They call it HYFI, and it's Jason Steven's take on the EPS/Epoxy surfboard craze. There are many reasons people are making the switch from traditional PU/PE surfboards. EPS/Epoxy surfboards are lighter weight giving them a more lively feeling under foot, are also slightly more buoyant given their less dense foam, more durable, etc, etc. Some have been hesitant to hop on EPS boards after people have claimed they chatter, but we can assure you Epoxy/EPS boards have come a long way...

Hybrid Fiber Technology (HYFI)

The overall goal behind Stevenson's construction was to create an ultra-high performance that could withstand the abuse that their pro team (Julian Wilson, Joel Parkinson, Jeremy Flores, Mikey Wright, and many other greats) could dish out. They also needed to perform It took years for JS to develop HYFI, and all that hard work has paid off.

Watch Jason Stevenson's break down the HYFI tech below:


The JS Psycho Nitro is a great choice for small to medium sized surf, and can be ridden on all types of breaks and conditions.

Overall the board is pretty wide giving it tremendous paddle power and acceleration down the line.

The tail is a slightly pulled in swallow tail with double concave to a vee out the back - keeping the board moving smoothly rail to rail.

Paired with HYFI construction, the extra flex and pop allowed by the new tech matches nicely with the Psycho Nitro's already insane groveling ability to make it an incredibly fast and light board that will give you the best chance to enjoy weak conditions.


This board is insane!

If your looking for a board that can do it all this winter, look no further.

The Monsta Box is a hybrid performance board that hides a decent amount of foam giving you added paddle power and speed generation, but can be surfed as a performance board in most conditions that Rhode Island could throw at you - from weak 3' beach break to overhead tubes.

The boards outline pairs nicely with the HYFI construction giving it enhanced flex and mind-blowing speed making you feel truly connected to the board in all of your sessions.

JS team rider Mikey Wright summed up the Monsta Box perfectly: “On smaller days I hardly ever veer away from surfing it – even if the waves suck it hasn't let me down and in better surf or contests it still has that spark you need to go as hard as you want.”