New Models In From Pyzel

John Pyzel is widely considered one of the best surfboard shapers in the world, and is currently shaping boards for the number one surfer in the world - John John Florence.

Pyzel is also the back to back winner of the Stab in the Dark series - which if your unfamiliar with this series you should for sure check it out. So it should come at no suRprise that we are STOKED to welcome a couple of new (to us) shapes from the mind of John Pyzel!


The Ghost by Pyzel surfboards is the stock version of the board that John John surfed on his path to the World Title in 2017. Nuff said.

But seriously this shape is killer. It features a wide point pulled slightly forward from the typical performance shortboard and a bit more thickness which helps place more foam under your chest for added paddle power, making it a wave catching machine. Don't let that extra touch of extra foam fool you, this is a board that you can rip and maneuver like any standard shortboard - not only in punchy/barrelly waves but also in lined up points and open faced waves!

The tail is pulled in with a round tail coupled with thin rails that give the board plenty of hold in steep waves and barrels. The nose is also slightly more pulled in than normal, giving it a nice curve that can help it fit into a tighter curve.

Medium to low rocker through the nose helps get into waves easier and maintain speed, with a bit more rocker through the tail that keeps the back half of the board snappy and responsive. Th bottom features a mellow single concave throughout most of the board and a slight double concave through the tail. For this reason the board surfs with increased maneuverability without sacrificing the hold in more powerful waves. The ultimate all around travel board!!

The result is a stubby step-up that gives you extra paddle power and plenty of performance. Perfect board for good days at home or a quality surf trip..

See what John John has to say about the Ghost:


The stepped down version of the ghost, the Phantom takes all of the benefits of the ghost and shrinks them into a more compact small wave weapon.

The Phantom features a similar outline to the Ghost, with the wide point pushed forward and under your chest for increased paddle/ease of wave catching and also more speed down the line. However the wider nose and tail of the phantom give the board a more parallel + fuller outline that helps keep speed through slower sections and tight turns.

Same rocker as the Ghost - pretty mellow through the top half of the board and increased tail rocker to make the board more snappy and maneuverable. The bottom single concave on the Phantom is a bit more pronounced than on the ghost, giving the board more lift and speed in a wider variety of conditions.

For these reasons the Ghost is better suited to average to slightly below average surf. A great all around daily shortboard for New England in most conditions!

Here's what John Pyzel had to say about the Ghost:

We have full size runs of both of these boards, but they won't last long. Get yours now and be ready for the next hurricane swell!! To check which size you need - scope the dimensions below: