Surf Camp Surfboards

We strictly use soft surfboards (also known as foamies, or foam surfboards) in our surf camp program. These boards are not only safer, but also provide the optimal characteristics to teach surfing and quickly progress.

Our fleet includes boards ranging from 7’6 thru 9’0.

When we give out the boards each day to campers, we pair the campers ability level, height, and weight to a specific board that will fit their needs. This gives the surfers the opportunity to get comfortable getting to their feet and riding waves, and then try out different boards to see what they like best.

All of the Warm Winds surfboards we use in our surf camp are also available for purchase through the surf shop! Contact us if you’d like to learn more about purchasing your camper’s first board, so they can continue surfing on their own with all of their newly learned skills.

Surf Camp Wetsuits

The harsh reality of surfing in Rhode Island is the water temps never really get too warm. Even when the water temperatures are at their peak, a wetsuit is still necessary to spend time in the water depending on the day.

In surf camp, we give the option of either using a “spring suit” or a “3/2 fullsuit”.

A spring suit has short arms and short legs, and is just 2mm thick. Just enough to keep the core warm on chilly mid summer mornings.

A 3/2 full suit is the most popular wetsuit for water temperatures in the spring, summer, and fall. These are also great options for kids who tend to get cold easily!

We have the biggest selection of wetsuits on the east coast - so feel free to swing by and pick one up if you want your camper to have his/her own wettie!

Surf Camp Rashguards

You may have noticed our bright colored rash guards in all the photos! We use these to keep an eye on our campers both in and out of the water, as well as our instructor staff!

Campers will always be in light blue, while instructors will be outfitted in the bright orange.

These are, unfortunately, not for sale and we do not allow campers to take them home at the end of the week. In order to for our staff to remain alert and with our eyes on the campers, it’s important that only they have access to these colors - and we’re not chasing random beachgoers down the beach!

We do have hundreds of other color rash guards available for purchase in the store year round. We also recommend that you pack a long sleeve UV tee (or rashguard) for your camper to use when we are not in the water, to keep the sun off.

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