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As surfers we care about the well being of our ocean playground. Our team goes the extra mile to protect the ocean environment and you should too!

Surfing In Rhode Island

Rhode Island has some quality waves scattered across our little. With a variety of waves types and conditions, it truly is a unique place to surf.

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Surfboard Guide

Keep up to date with the newest in surfboard technology with our guide to surfboards. Covering everything from traditional to new alternative techs, and everything in between.

How to Read a Surf Report

Get yourself into some better waves by reading through this guide! It includes everything you need to know to read a surf report and find suitable waves to surf.

Wetsuit Guide

We put together this guide to help both new and seasoned surfers learn more about new rubber. Use it as a guide to buy a new wetsuit, or simply to brush up on your wetsuit knowledge.

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Watch: Elude (Full Film)

Mar 24, 2020 In Surf Blog
elude surf film

Event: Yoga for Surfers!

Feb 06, 2020 In Surf Blog
yoga surf event
Join us on February 15 for Yoga for Surfers !

Firewire El Tomo Fish

Jan 28, 2020 In Surf Blog
el tomo fish, firewire el tomo fish, tomo fish
The Firewire El Tomo Fish is an insane new performance fish surfboard that can take your surfing in sub-par waves to the next level!

What is a Nor'Easter, and How Does it Affect Surf?

Jan 24, 2020 In Surf Blog
nor'easter surf, nor'easter, nor'easter waves, what is a nor'easter, noreaster
This guide breaksdown the development and movement of Nor’easters and what type of surf to expect from these storms in the northeast.

Watch: Torren Martyn in On the Light Side

Dec 09, 2019 In Surf Blog
torren martyn, torren martyn surf clip
If you're a fan of perfect peaks, alternative surfboards, and stylish surfing - this surf clip is for you.

2019 Gift Guide

Nov 30, 2019 In Surf Blog
surfer gift guide
Check out our carefully curated list of gifts for surfer's and ocean lovers alike - all hand picked by the Warm Winds team!

Watch: Luke Hynd Getting Drainers on His Twin

Nov 01, 2019 In Surf Blog
luke hynd surf clip
Luke Hynd scores perfect waves on his trusty twin fin.

Firewire Hydroshort

Oct 29, 2019 In Surf Blog
firewire hydroshort
The Firewire Hydroshort is a killer new daily driver shortboard from Tomo and Firewire surfboards - scope out our full review!

Winter Wetsuits of 2020

Oct 24, 2019 In Surf Blog
winter wetsuit guide
With all of the winter wetsuits on the market today, we decided to put together this winter wetsuit guide to break it all down.

Watch: Red Monkey Full Moon

Oct 20, 2019 In Surf Blog
red monkey full moon, mick fanning, mason ho
Watch Mick Fanning and Mason Ho on the search for pumping waves in Bali and the surrounding islands in this new clip - Red Monkey Full Moon.

2019 Food Drive Raffle

Oct 12, 2019 In Surf Blog
2019 food drive
Help us out with our 3rd annual Food Drive to benefit the Johnny Cake Center of Peacedale

Takayama In the Pink

Oct 05, 2019 In Surf Blog
takayama in the pink
The Takayama In The Pink has been our best selling longboard for over 30 years. Find out why in this surfboard review by the team at Warm Winds.

Watch: O'Neill Scores Dorian

Sep 23, 2019 In Surf Blog
cory lopez dorian
Watch the Cory Lopez and crew score Dorian barrels down in New Jersey.

Gansett Days 2019

Sep 19, 2019 In Surf Blog
gansett days 2019
What's better than celebrating the town of Narragansett with a "mini surf camp" and some fun waves?

Watch: Fast and Loose - Mark Richards

Sep 15, 2019 In Surf Blog
mark richards fast and loose
Watch Mark Richards in Fast and Loose, a film about his history with twin fin surfcraft - from his surfing career to surfboard shaping.

Lost Roundup - 3 New Boards for Fall

Sep 05, 2019 In Surf Blog
lost cobra killer, lost rad ripper, lost smooth operator
Scope our breakdown of three of Lost Surfboards newest models: the Lost Cobra Killer, the Lost Rad Ripper, and the Lost Smooth Operator. Perfect boards for NE!

Watch: Mason Ho in Green Monkey

Aug 07, 2019 In Surf Blog
mason ho green monkey
Watch Mason Ho score barrels and ramps all over Bali in this short clip, Green Monkey.