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As surfers we care about the well being of our ocean playground. Our team goes the extra mile to protect the ocean environment and you should too!

Surfing In Rhode Island

Rhode Island has some quality waves scattered across our little. With a variety of waves types and conditions, it truly is a unique place to surf.

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Surfboard Guide

Keep up to date with the newest in surfboard technology with our guide to surfboards. Covering everything from traditional to new alternative techs, and everything in between.

How to Read a Surf Report

Get yourself into some better waves by reading through this guide! It includes everything you need to know to read a surf report and find suitable waves to surf.

Wetsuit Guide

We put together this guide to help both new and seasoned surfers learn more about new rubber. Use it as a guide to buy a new wetsuit, or simply to brush up on your wetsuit knowledge.

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March Madness - Looking Back at an Epic Run of Surf!

Apr 16, 2018 In Surf Blog
march 2018 surf in ri
March 2018 had an epic run of surf for New England. Take a look back at what made this past March so unique with some photos as proof!

Firewire Cymatic and Moonbeam

Apr 06, 2018 In Surf Blog
firewire moonbeam review, firewire cymatic review
These are the two new Firewire shapes that we are stoked on! Full size runs available now at the shop.

Algae Foam Traction Pads

Apr 06, 2018 In Surf Blog
algae traction pad review
An eco friendly alternative to the traction pad developed by Bloom Foam, Firewire Surfboards, and Slater Designs.

Lost Psycho Killer

Apr 06, 2018 In Surf Blog
lost psycho killer guide
The Lost psycho killer is an insane new shape from the boys over at lost surfboards. Find out what type of waves will compliment this surfboard!

How to Read a Surf Report

Feb 01, 2019 In Guides
how to read a surf report, surf report guide
Get yourself into better waves with this simple guide to reading a surf report. We breakdown everything you need to know to find waves next time surf is up!

Wetsuit Guide

Mar 05, 2019 In Guides
wetsuit guide, choosing the right wetsuit
Wetsuit tech is continually changing. Keep on top of the latest and greatest in wetsuit innovation with this complete wetsuit guide, by the cold water experts.

Surfboard Fins Guide

Mar 05, 2019 In Guides
surfboard fins guide
Choose the right set of fins to compliment and improve your surfing! We take some of the guess work out with this thorough guide to picking out surfboard fins.

Surfboard Repair: DIY Steps to Fix a Ding

Mar 05, 2019 In Guides
how to fix a surfboard, surfboard repair guide
We have been fixing surfboards for over 50 years! We can teach you how to fix basic dings with this intro guide to fixing a surfboard ding.

Narragansett RI Weather: a 12 Month Guide

Mar 05, 2019 In Guides
narragansett weather
Narragansett, Rhode Island is a beautiful place to visit! Make sure you visit at the right time by using this simple guide to Narragansett weather.

Guide to Buying a Used Surfboard

May 09, 2019 In Guides
buying a used surfboard
You don't want to spend your hard earned money on a board that doesn't float. Don't buy a used surfboard before you check for these important aspects!

One of Our Lead Surf Camp Instructors, Kelli Hingerton, Spearheaded Successful Surf Therapy Program

Apr 06, 2018 In Surf Blog
surf therapy program
One of Our Lead Surf Camp Instructors, Kelly Hingerton, is bringing a surf therapy program to Australia!

Surfboard Guide

Mar 05, 2019 In Guides
surfboard guide, surfboard buyers guide
Need a new stick?? We breakdown all of the latest and greatest in surfboard design and function to help you make the right decision next time you buy a board!