Our innovative surf camp program focuses on building confidence in the water, safety, and environmental awareness through fun activities that are aimed to teach the next generation of wave riders how to safely have fun in the ocean, protect the natural environment, and live the surfer lifestyle.

The goal is for surf camp to be a unique and memorable experience for each and every camper, making memories and friendships that last a lifetime.

Of course, everyone is here to learn how to SURF! Whether it’s their first time surfing, or they’re just trying to improve their skills - our instructors are dedicated to coaching to a level that suits each campers ability levels.

Surf Camp "Tracks"

This year, we will field registrations to two tracks - AM and PM

Selecting the appropriate track should depend primarily on age. Age ranges are 6-13 for the AM track, and 11-17 for the PM track. Age ranges do overlap with one another to accommodate several common situations we have run into over the years.

AM Track: Ages 6-13, 9am - 2pm

PM Track: Ages 11-17, 2:30pm - 6pm*

*Note: PM Track will only run during Session 5, 6, 7, and 8. 

AM/PM Track Similarities
  • Experienced surf instructors
  • No more than 5 participants to 1 surf instructor
  • Lifeguard supervision
  • Primary focus on surfing
  • Surf instruction tailored to ability level

AM/PM Track Differences
  • PM track will spend less time dry - i.e playing beach games and educational activities.
  • PM track aims to have all counselors surfing with the participants by day 2 allowing instructors to impart positioning, wave selection, timing and other know-how which is difficult to teach when standing in the lineup. 
  • PM track participants will be permitted to escort themselves to and from the lineup to the Surf Truck to reapply sunscreen, get a drink of water or bite of food, or simply take a break. Should the participant need to use the restroom or purchase food from the South Pavilion, they will be accompanied by a Warm Winds staff member. 
  • The PM track features most of what we built into the surf camp program over the years but offers a bit more age-appropriate instruction and more surf focus. Great opportunity for campers to meet new friends in their age group with the same passion for surfing and the ocean. 

During the week of surf camp, we will go over in depth:

Introduction to surfing equipment and maintenance

Creating a safe surfing environment

How to paddle and stand up properly on a board

How to control the surfboard both in and out of the water

How to paddle in and catch waves

Proper surfing etiquette

Positioning in the lineup to catch the most waves

How to select the right wave

How to fall properly and protect oneself in the ocean

How to turn the surfboard

How to surf down the line

Daily Topics + Typical Awesome Day at Camp

On top of surfing fundamentals, we have a group of daily topics that we base much of our activities and beach games around:

Monday: Sun and Surf Safety

Tuesday: Oceanography + Coastal Preservation

Wednesday: Surfboard Science and Design

Thursday: Surf Etiquette + Becoming a Lifelong Surfer

Some activities that our campers love the most:

  • Trip to the north end of the beach to visit Narrow River, learning about coastal processes and identifying the species that call RI’s coast their home
  • Trip to Warm Winds boardroom to learn about surfboards, the materials used to build them, and how different boards and fins affect the way we ride waves.
  • Occasional guest speakers from the Surfrider Foundation, Raw Elements, ORCA, and other organizations that protect the coastal environment
  • End of the week surf contest
  • Plenty of beach games including soccer, beach flags, sand castle contests, relay races, the log run, and more!
  • End of the week camp celebration + certificates of radness!

Commitment to the Environment

We believe that kids’ first experiences with the ocean will forever shape their attitudes towards it.

As surfer’s we rely on a healthy ocean environment to do what we love, and we strive for engrain that philosophy into each surf camper that comes through the program.

Throughout the week, we teach them about the do’s and don’ts of the coastal environment. We learn about rip currents, assessing wind and wave conditions, species native to Rhode Island coastal waters, sustainability and more.

We encourage surf campers to bring reusable water bottles, rather than one time use plastic bottles. There is also a trash and recycling receptacle by the surf truck for disposal of lunch waste.

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