At Warm Winds, we consider the protection of the natural environment of the utmost importance. As surfers and ocean lovers we rely heavily on a healthy ocean environment to provide us with clean waves to surf and plenty of stoke.

We demonstrate our love for the environment by conserving resources and preventing pollution and waste in our daily business operations. We teach the youth in our surf school program about the importance of protecting the environment, what eco-friendly changes they can make to their daily habits, and why a healthy ocean environment is so important for the future of the sport of surfing.

We support ocean conservancy groups, both local and national.

We get our hands dirty as often as possible at beach clean ups, dune grass plantings, and other events.

Our goal is to continue our efforts to become a leader in sustainable retail within the surf industry.

Wetsuit Recycling

Got some old rubber laying around? Don't let it end up in a land fill - let us help you recycle your old wetsuits!

How Can You Be A More Environmentally-Friendly Surfer?

As surfer's we spend a lot of time in the ocean - and therefore should protect it. Follow these simple guideline to becoming a more sustainable surfer.

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The Surfrider Foundation is a group of volunteers dedicated to protecting oceans, waves, and beaches through an extensive network of volunteers and activists. Visit the Rhode Island Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation to get involved.

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The NRPA has been working since 1970 to preserve, protect, and restore the Narrow River and it's watershed. Visit the NRPA's web page to learn more about their work, or to take part of one of their many annual events.

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Save the Bay is an independent, member-supported nonprofit organization which started as a grassroots organization in 1970 dedicated to cleaning up and improving Narragansett Bay. Visit their site to get involved in some of their many volunteer activities around the state of RI.